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My writing first appeared years ago in a now-defunct IT magazine. When it folded, I took it as a sign to stick with my day job, only writing the odd TPS report.
Twenty years later, I overcame fear and uncertainty and walked away from the corporate world. I realized I wanted to live my life differently.
Since then, I've done anything and everything. Saying yes to most opportunities that have come along. I've met so many inspiring people. It makes me want to do better each day, whether in my writing, work, or with my family.


Matt is a TEDx speaking coach, writer, and traveler. He recently left a 25-year business career to explore life. He has found a passion connecting with people and helping them develop and explore opportunities in their own lives. He lives outside St. Louis, Missouri, with his family.
He recently became the proud owner of a small RV and spends time exploring the outdoors with his family.


Let's grab a virtual coffee. I try and spend time each week talking with people. Feel free to drop me an email and we can chat.


I know everyone has one of these, what makes mine unique? We'll I'm not going to send you anything unless I believe it will help you live a more productive and better life. I also do a short to the point format, something you can read in a few minutes.

One of the pain point I hear most often when talking with creator is the creation of a website. All the work that needs to go into doing so. It can be daunghting.We're here to help. Let's have a chat about your needs and get xxayss